Has the ship intercepted by Israel, Rachel Corrie in Gaza Offshore

Gaza City, Palestinian Territories, (TVOne)

An international humanitarian aid ships to the Gaza Strip in perlayawan intercepted by Israeli soldiers Saturday morning (5 / 6), the committee said the arrival of the ship’s greeter, which is based in Gaza, told AFP.

“Rachel Corrie had been intercepted in waters 35 miles off the coast of Gaza,” said a spokesman for the welcoming committee, Amjad al-Shawa, who spoke to the people on board, told AFP in Gaza City.

“Some Israeli siege ship them between 30-35 miles off the coast of Gaza, and prevent them from entering Gaza,” said Shawa. “They’re trying to bring the ship was likely to (the southern Israeli port city), Ashdod or perhaps elsewhere,” he said.

He said communication with the ship was “completely broken”, but the committee will attempt to approach them. Martin Quigley, a spokesman for the ship which is headquartered in Dublin, which carries 15 people and several tons of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, could not confirm the information and said he had no contact with the ship.

“They have agreed to contact us on-emnit minutes when they were surrounded by Israeli ships,” said Quigley. He said, unable to contact the passengers on the ship via satellite telephone.

“It sounded like the phone is separated from the handle.” A woman military spokesman for the Jewish state denied that the ship has been taken over. He told AFP: “No … we do not know any information about it


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